Saying Yes to Music Theory For Guitar Playing

Saying Yes to Music Theory For Guitar Playing

Saying Yes to Music Theory For Guitar Playing

Music theory is a scary thought for many guitar players. Whether they are beginners or advanced guitar players. To many people, when they think of music theory, they think that it’s similar to learning advanced physics formulas which does sound scary!

Besides having a fear of having to learn music theory. Lots of guitarists say you don’t need it! This leads many beginner guitarists down the path of learning to play the guitar without a real understanding of what it all means and understanding how the guitar works.

I’m here to tell you that music theory A. Doesn’t have to be scary. B. It is so useful to learn when it comes to learning the play the guitar.

The biggest reason for learning music theory

The biggest reason for learning music theory is for communication. If you know what a sound on the guitar is called. You can then communicate that with someone else or for understanding what someone else is saying.  Even for reading music. It’s really useful for understanding what it all means.

music theory communication

Imagine going around life, not knowing what items are called. If you are after sugar when you are making a tea. But don’t know how to say the word sugar. Asking someone to pass the powdered white stuff becomes more difficult.

What happens to guitar players normally

This is what happens to guitarists. There are many who can play the guitar who can’t describe or talk about what they are playing. Or even understand it. That means they struggle to communicate with other people or if someone asks them to play something.

fretboard notes

This can cause a lack of confidence for many guitarists and musicians in regards to their playing.

And the thing is that music theory doesn’t have to be complicated either! Lots of music teachers over complicate music theory. I’ve heard it from so many of my students that teachers will often teach them theory that isn’t relevant, or really make things a lot difficult than it is! A great teacher would only bring in music theory if it’s needed and make it very applicable as well.

An example of very simple music theory that you can learn on the guitar that will help you tremendously is learning the notes on the neck of your guitar. So that when you play anything, you actually know what you are playing. You can now communicate that with someone and also when someone else tells you to do something on the guitar, you can understand what they mean!

Most important thing about music theory

The most important thing is that music theory is useful. Learning what is applicable to your playing is really helpful. There are a lot of people saying that it’s not required, but music theory encompasses so much that even just learning the basics to excel your guitar playing and confidence tremendously.

How awesome can Music theory be?

Here at Guitar Tuition East London, we make sure that any music theory we teach you can be applied to your guitar playing, and also your long term goals and dreams on the guitar. This is why our students are more confident as musicians and guitar players than any self taught guitar players and guitar players who have come to us from other guitar teachers as well. We make sure that music theory is taught in a fun way that is very practical. We know you don’t want to sit there learning things off by heart all day.


If you are based in East London, and you want to find out how to improve your music theory so that your guitar playing can improve, then contact us to find out how we can help you. Whether you are a beginner or advanced guitar player, we can help you take your guitar playing to the next level.