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Never feel alone in your guitar playing ever again, join a community of enthusiastic guitar players who all support each other to become better at guitar.

Our Happy Students With One of Our Teachers

Our Happy Students With One of Our Teachers


Are you picking up a guitar for the first time and don't know what to work on? 
Have you been playing for a while and want to feel inspired again? 

Do you want to be able to play your favourite songs? 
Do you love music and want to express yourself by playing guitar? 
Do you want to play guitar with other people? 

At first guitar can feel really frustrating. You might make slow progress, and not know what to do next.  

You might be thinking "I learn really slowly", or "I've tried before, but I gave up.. maybe I can't do this". 

I know exactly what you are going through because I have helped many students to overcome those exact problems - turning you into a better guitar player is one of the easiest parts of my job.

Ways You Have Tried To Learn Guitar and Failed

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1) Learning On The Internet Learning on the internet, or youtube is like walking into a library.. There is SO much information - how can you tell what you should be learning, and what order you should learn it in. How can you know if you really understand it, who do you check with? 

2) Learning From Books

There are lots of great books out there.. but have you considered that the most important factor in learning is what YOU need. Simply buying some books you can't see the bigger picture of where you want to go in the long run. You need someone who has done this before, who can guide you through getting the right books. 

3) You may turn to their friend who plays the guitar.

You might think, "Yes, he must know the answers! He has been playing for years and can help. I'm sure he won't mind taking the time to teach me a few things." Then you find their friend is too busy or ends up confusing you more.

The important thing to remember is that being a great PLAYER, doesn't mean someone is a great teacher. To paint the picture for you - think about people who you know who can drive a car well, but you wouldn't want them to teach 17 year old you to drive.. 

How Can Our Guitar Teachers Help You?

If you are a beginner and you are reading this, then that's awesome!

Getting the right guitar teacher will save you a load of time and frustration. We work full time in teaching the guitar only so you get the best support as a student. 

You will be listened to so you get a tailored plan. Whether you want to play with a band, play for your own enjoyment, learn your favourite songs. 

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You get the right content that is relevant to you. Perfect to make sure you progress as quickly as you can. 

You can use what you learn with us and be able to apply it to real life! This means you can take away those techniques and theory with you to play hundreds and thousands of your favourite songs. And learn how to improvise, and play along with other people too.

You are getting some of the best guitar teaching in the world along with the best techniques and methods for learning guitar. We have years of experience in teaching. We know how to help students get past challenges so you can enjoy learning guitar.

We want you to succeed.  We have incredible believe in your ability to learn how to play the guitar with our guitar lessons. 

What Can We Do For You? 

At East Village Guitar Lessons we consider it our job to take anyone who is passionate about guitar and help them become confident musicians and guitar players.

Helping to Turn Passionate Individuals To Become Confident Guitar Players

Helping to Turn Passionate Individuals To Become Confident Guitar Players


We have spent years and invested thousands of hours investigating different methods of learning guitar. Books, courses, teachers, lessons with some of the best guitar players in the world.

We have found what WORKS. On top of that we have found many many things that do NOT work.

Once you get the right learning method and environment, learning guitar just feels easier and more fun for you.

Our guitar teachers are not only professional musicians - they really are professional teachers. As such we train for minimum 10 hours a week exclusively on becoming better teachers for you. That way you know that when you take lessons with us you are getting the very best lessons that you can get. 

What You Get As Our Student from our East Village Guitar Lessons London

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  • Patient and lovely teachers who will listen to you. And guide you in the right direction to progress fast and easily
  • Learn to be so confident with your playing that you can play in front of anyone
  • Learn how to practise the right things the fun way
  • Get experience playing with others, to help you get great at jamming or playing in bands
  • Have the opportunity to learn how to play guitar like a professional musician
  • Be inspired in a community where everyone is enthusiastic about learning
  • Beyond having a tailored plan designed for you, it's also one that you will enjoy going through
  • Have lasting memories and friendships of learning to play guitar

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach electric and acoustic Guitar? 
Yes, we provide electric guitar lessons, London and acoustic guitar lessons, London. 

What styles do you teach? 
Rock, finger style, bluegrass, pop, jazz, metal, funk, country. Please enquire our guitar lessons London East Village School for anything else. 

Do you teach songwriting? 
Yes, if this is a particular interest of yours, then let us know! We have a comprehensive guitar lessons in London. Along with guitar programs and guitar courses to suit many interests of yours. 

What Do Our Students Say About Lessons? 

We love helping our students achieve what they want to do on guitar.

Our students travel from all over London, from near our location East Village in Stratford. To Leyton, Leytonstone, Wanstead, Bow, Hackney, Canary Wharf, Aldgate. Shoreditch and with some coming as far as Heathrow and Croydon. Even driving 2 hours from outside of London.

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Guitar Lessons in London

Many of our students are from Stratford, Bow, Mile End, Bethnal Green. Wanstead, Canary Wharf, Snaresbrooke, Liverpool Street, Shoreditch, Aldgate, Hackney. As the location is in East Village, Stratford, Newham in offering Guitar Lessons in London.

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 P.S. We can't wait to meet you and find out more about you and how we can help with your guitar playing!