How To Achieve Your Guitar Playing Goals In Less Time

How To Achieve Your Guitar Playing Goals In Less Time

It’s common to feel frustrated when you seem to be going nowhere in your guitar playing. Many guitarists practice many hours a day for months without getting anywhere. Good news is, when you understand how to achieve your musical goals more effectively, you begin getting better results from your practice and feel excited about improving every time you pick up your instrument.


To start reaching your guitar playing goals faster than ever, take these steps:


1. Find out how to make your practice time as effective and efficient as possible


Fact: a huge portion of guitarists only get a fraction of the value they could be getting whenever they practice. One of the biggest reasons why this happens is they don’t organize their practice in a way that helps them reach their goals as fast as possible. In many cases, they simply practice anything they can find online in an attempt to learn as much as possible at once. This approach only causes them to feel overwhelmed and they quickly become burned out.


Your first objective should be to determine exactly which things you must practice to reach your guitar playing goals. Everything else must be left out of your practice routine. Then you must find out how to prioritize the practice items you have so that you get the most benefit from your time spent practicing (making each session as efficient as possible). If you aren’t sure how to do all of this, the best approach is to find a great guitar teacher who will create a custom lesson plan for you based on your specific musical goals.


Once you have everything in place, practice consistently and track your progress every week. When you track your progress, you quickly notice any weaknesses that may be holding you back from improving your overall playing. This gives you the chance to improve them, so you reach your guitar playing goals even faster.


2. Think with a positive, empowering mindset


Too many guitar players fill their minds with self-doubt and negative thoughts. These things sabotage your guitar playing and keep you from becoming the player you want to be. One of the best ways to avoid having this happen to you is to stop making excuses when faced with challenges in your playing.


Excuses are things like: “I don’t have enough time to practice in order to become a great guitarist”, “I’m too tired to practice”, “I don’t think I can be as good as [insert name], so I’ll just play easy stuff”, etc.


Remember: You become the thoughts you have in your mind. All the great guitar players who went on to build a successful music career for themselves did it because they decided to make it their reality. So, rather than focus on excuses, fears or other negative thoughts, empower yourself and choose to become a better guitarist. Doing this gets you to take action without hesitation, thereby helping you reach your musical goals in much less time.


3. Make sure you work together with an experienced guitar teacher


When you work together with an excellent guitar teacher who has tons of experience helping other guitarists achieve the goals you want to achieve, it’s like taking a massive shortcut. This is an invaluable tool for your success as a guitar player, so if you haven’t found a great guitar teacher yet, make this a top priority.