How to Improve Your Guitar Playing

How To Improve Your Guitar Playing

Let’s look at some of the best things you can do right now. So that you can improve the guitar in both the short and long time to make some real progress. Which will make you more confidence in your guitar playing progress.


Setting some goals

The first things you need to do to improve on the guitar is to work out what it is you actually want to do.

What is it that gets you excited?
Is there a particular guitarist that you want to play like?
Are there songs that you want to play?
Do you want to be able to play in front of people?
Feel more confidence when you play?
Be able to pick up the guitar anytime and make it sound awesome?

Write it down. Get some goals.

Make sure you make it specific to you. Something that gets you excited and will make you want to improve your guitar playing.

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Seek out, get help, work out how to achieve your goal

Seek out help on how to do that goal that you’ve got.

If you can work it out yourself, great. For most people in most situations, they can’t. So don’t feel bad for seeking help.

If you can get a teacher to get the information you need to do it. Then that’s great, you can do that too. But make sure once you have the help, make sure you make a plan and start working towards your goal.

Believe in Yourself

Put believe into the practise plan that you have, practise best as you can, and put best effort into it.

So that you believe in what you are doing.

I see some people struggle at this stage because they don’t trust the plan that they have. They are not sure if they have the right plans together.

A lot of people sabotage their good plan by not believe in it. And then even a good plan won't turn you into the guitar player you want to be.

Believing in your plan is important to ensure you carry through with it to get the maximum result. If you put your best effort in and it doesn’t get you where you want to, then over to our next point.

Review your plan

You need to review your plan regularly.

I find three months to be a good time, see if your plan is still working, if it’s not working, find out why. If it’s not, get help, get someone to look over it and work with you and get a new plan. And keep persisting with it.

And again, putting in your best effort each time. When you have a great plan and you keep on improving it, and you believe in yourself and put your best effort in.

You are bound to see a lot more improvements in your guitar playing.

Get a teacher and mentor

We’ve already mentioned it, it may be that you can achieve your goals on your own. And that’s great if you can.

For all situations, getting a teacher and a mentor to help you, will help you make so much more progress. And you will see a huge difference in the results that you get.

They need to be the right guitar teacher for you to help you with your specific plan to get to your goals. They should be able to foresee obstacles and challenges you may have and help you navigate them.

Having someone in your corner will help you to make a lot of progress. They will help reduce the amount of stress and frustrations that you would have.

And when you have tough days or weeks or months, you want someone to keep you accountable. They will help encourage you to carry on persisting.

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Learn how to practise

Even with the best books, best exercises, best teacher, you need to learn how to practise the guitar.

Learning how to practise means you know how to use your time in the most efficient and effective way possible. So that you get the most progress possible.

And when you can work on practising guitar at home. It will make the more journey go a lot faster. You will get to each of your milestones quicker, and it will be a more enjoyable experience altogether.

You will be improving on the guitar a lot faster.

Do You Want to Improve Your Guitar Playing Faster?

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